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Associate Professor Sa'diyya Shaikh

Islamic Studies, Feminist Theory

Assoc Prof Sa'diyya ShaikhSa’diyya Shaikh is Associate Professor in the Department for the Study of Religions at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  Her research is situated at the intersection of Islamic Studies and Gender Studies. She has a special interest in Sufism and its implications for Islamic feminism and feminist theory. Her book “Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn ʿArabī, Gender and Sexuality” is published by the University of North Carolina Press (2012); and co-published again in 2013 by both University of Cape Town Press and Munshiram Manoharl Publishers (New Delhi). Her areas of research include gender-sensitive readings of hadith, Quranic exegesis and Sufi texts; theoretical and political debates on Islam and feminism; religion and gender-based violence; contemporary Muslim women’s embodied, experiential and everyday modes of understanding Quranic teachings (“Tafsir of Praxis”). Shaikh has also completed an empirical project focussed on sexuality, marriage, and reproductive choices amongst South African Muslim women. For information related to CCI ...


Selected Publications


Shaikh, Sa'diyya. 2012. Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn 'Arabi, Gender and Sexuality. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press

Daniel C. Maguire and Sa’diyya Shaikh (eds). 2007. Violence Against Women in Contemporary World Religions: Roots and Cures. Cleveland, Ohio: The Pilgrim Press


Journal Articles

Shaikh, Sa’diyya. 2019. Allah, Hidden Treasures and the Divine Feminine. Article at The Immanent Frame: Secularism, Religion and the Public Sphere, (special project on the “Body” in "A Universe of Terms”) hosted by Social Science Research Council (USA),

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Book Chapters/Contributions to Edited Collections

Claassens, L.J., Shaikh, S and Swartz, L. 2019. “Engaging Disability and Religion in an African Context.” In The Palgrave Handbook of Disability and Citizenship in the Global South, ed by Brian Watermeyer et al. Cham Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan” 147-164

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Ebook: (ISBN 978-0-615-61454-0)

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Keynote Conference Presentations:

“Sacred Sex? Sacred Text? Theorising the Edges of Feminist Exegesis,” Roundtable Conference hosted by Gender Religion and Health Programme, School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, April 29th 2015
Title of Keynote Paper: Feminist Edges: A Sufi Hermeneutic of Generosity and Justice.

"Theorizing Gender and Islam" Conference and The Harshbarger Lecture in Religious Studies at Penn State University, 2 December 2014.
Title of Keynote Paper: "Between the 'Yes and the No': Ibn Arabi and Mystical Disruptions of Gender"

Keynote Address: The Annual Aasta Hansteen Lecture on Gender and Religion, Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, 26 August 2013. 
Title of Keynote Paper: Feminisms and the Politics of “Experience” for the Study of Islam

“Gender Studies at the Interface of the Humaniora: An interdisciplinary conference on new directions in gender studies in the humanities,”
16 August 2012
Title of Keynote Paper: Feminisms and the Study of Religion