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Academic Staff



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Professor Abdulkader Tayob
NRF Chair in Islam, African Publics
& Religious Values, Islamic Studies,
Religion and Public Life



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Emeritus Professor David Chidester

Comparative Religion

Professor Asonzeh Ukah

Head of Department

Chair of Religious Studies 

Director of Research Institute for Christian and 
Society in Africa (RICSA)

Christianity and African Religion

Associate Professor Sa'diyya Shaikh
‚ÄčAssociate Professor 


Islamic Studies, Feminist Theory

Dr Louis Blond
Senior Lecturer

Jewish Thought and European

Associate Professor Elisabetta Porcu
Associate Professor 

Buddhist Studies, Japanese
Religions Religion and Society

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Emeritus Professor Charles (Chuck) Wanamaker

Christian Studies
New Testament Studies  

Prof. James Cochrane

Emeritus Professor James R Chochrane

Religious Studies and Senior Research Associate, School of Public Health &
Family Medicine

Adjunct Professor
Department of Social Sciences &
Health Policy
Wake Forest School of Medicine
United States of America

Emeritus Professor John De Gruchy




Dr Ala Alhourani 


Affiliated to the project Islam, African Publics and Religious Values