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Emeritus Associate Prof Charles (Chuck) Wanamaker

Assoc. Prof. Charles A (Chuck) WanamakerChristian Studies

Emeritus Associate Professor Charles Wanamaker specializes in New Testament and Early Christianity studies, with a special interest in the application of socio-rhetorical analysis to the study of the writings of Paul. He is currently working on a socio-rhetorical commentary on 1 Corinthians.

Selected Publications

“Mark 11.25 and the Gospel of Matthew.” Studia Biblica 1978. II. Papers on the Gospels , edited by E A Livingstone ( Sheffield , 1980), 329-37.

“A Case against Justification by Faith.” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , no. 42 (March, 1983), 37-49.

“Christ as Divine Agent in Paul.” Scottish Journal of Theology , vol. 39 (1986), 517-528.

“From Conflict to Crucifixion: Jesus and the Jewish Social Elite.” Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Congress of the South African Judaica Society 1986 . Cape Town : Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Cape Town .

“Apocalypticism at Thessalonica.” Neotestamentica , vol. 21 (1987), 4-11.

“Jesus: A Disturber of Uneasy Peace.” Religion, War, and Peace. Papers Read at the Unversity of Transkei 's Department of Religion and Biblical Studies Conference on the Contribution of Religion to War and Peace . Edited by E.K. Mosothoane, L.L. Pato, & L. Kretzschmar. Umtata : University of Transkei Press, 1987.

“Phil. 2.6-11 : Son of God or Adamic Christology?” New Testament Studies , 33 (1987), 179-193.

“Romans 13: A Hermenuetic for Church and State.” On Reading Karl Barth in South Africa . Edited by Charles Villa-Vicencio. (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1988), 91-104.

“Right Wing Christianity and the Bible in South Africa .” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , 69 (1989), 17-27.

“‘Like a Father Treats His Own Children': Paul and the Conversion/Resocialization of the Thessalonians.” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , 92 (1995), 46-55.

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“The Historical Jesus Today: A Reconsideration of the Foundation of Christology.”Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , 94 (1996), 3-17.

“Jesus the Ancestor: Reading the story of Jesus from an African Christian Perspective.” Scriptura , 62 (1997), 281-298.

“The Conversion of Jesus' Disciples and the Emergence of Christianity.” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa , 103, July (1999).

"Epistolary vs. Rhetorical Analysis: Is a Synthesis Possible?" The Thessalonians Debate: Methodological Discord or Methodological Synthesis? Edited by Karl P. Donfried and Johannes Beutler. Grand Rapids : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 2000, pp. 255-286.

"A 'Thick Description' of Two Bible Studies by the Strand Anglican Group." Scriptura78 (2001), 362-366.

"Apocalyptic Discourse, Paraenesis and Identity Maintenance in 1 Thessalonians."Neotestamentica 36 (1-2) (2002), 131-145.

“ ‘ By the Power of God': Rhetoric and Ideology in 2 Corinthians 10-13 .” In Fabrics of Discourse: Essays in Honor of Vernon K. Robbins , eds L. Gregory Bloomquist, David B. Gowler, and Duane F. Watson, 194-221. Harrisburg , PA : Trinity Press International, 2003. ISBN 1-56338-365-9

“Metaphor and Morality: Examples of Paul's Moral Thinking in 1 Corinthians 1-5.”Neotestamentica  39 (2005) 409-433. ISSN 0254-8356

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Major Review of A. J. Malherbe, The Letters to the Thessalonians: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary , Review of Biblical Literature[] (2004) (same as previous item).

“Connubial Sex and the Avoidance of ????????: Paul's Rhetorical Argument in 1 Corinthians 7:1-5.” Scriptura 90 (2006) 839-849. ISSN 0254-1807

Essays in Press

“The Power of the Absent Father: a Socio-Rhetorical Analysis of 1 Corinthians 4:14-5:13.” The New Testament Interpreted: Essays in Honour of Bernard C. Lategan.Edited by Cilliers Breytenbach, Johan Thom, and Jeremy Punt. ( Leiden and Boston : E. J. Brill, Nov. 2006).

Dictionary Articles

"The Devil." Dictionary of Theology and Society . Edited by B. Clarke and A. Linzey. London : Routledge, 1996.

“1 Thessalonians.” In Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible , edited by Kevin J. Vanhoozer. Grand Rapids , MI : Baker Academic, 2005, 793-796. ISBN 0-80102-694-6

“2 Thessalonians.” In Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible , edited by Kevin J. Vanhoozer. Grand Rapids , MI : Baker Academic, 2005, 796-799. ISBN 0-80102-694-6

Books Published

The Epistle to the Thessalonians: A Commentary on the Greek Text . The New International Greek Testament Commentary. Grand Rapids , Michigan : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. and Exeter , UK : Paternoster Press, 1990. xxviii + 316.

Current Research

A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on 1 Corinthians for the Religious Rhetoric of Antiquity Series to be jointly published by Deo Press (The Netherlands) Westminster/John Knox (United States). Series Editors Vernon K. Robbins and Duane F. Watson.

Translation of 3 Maccabees for The Lexham Greek-English Interlinear SeptuagintLogos Research Systems. General Editor David deSilva.