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Dr Andrea Brigaglia

Islamic Studies

Dr Andrea Brigaglia was born in Palermo (Italy). He has studied at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, where he has combined the study of Arabic and Hausa languages with Islamic and African history. He has obtained a Laurea in Islamic Studies in 2000 and a Doctorate in African Studies in 2005.
In his doctoral thesis, he looks at the history of the discipline of tafsir (qur’anic exegesis) in Hausa-speaking Northern Nigeria in the twentieth century, exploring it as a major arena allowing for the interaction of ‘ulama’ (religious scholars) and society, and for the articulation of intellectual and cultural change.


He is currently working on the translation of his thesis in English for publication, while at the same time trying to develop a new research interest in some aesthetic and material aspects of West African Islamic religious culture (in particular, calligraphy and the transition from handwriting to a modern book market).

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