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Professor Abdulkader Tayob

Islamic Studies, Religion and Public Life

Prof. Abdulkader Tayob

Prof Abdulkader Tayob has published extensively on the history of religious movements and institutions in South Africa. He now works on Islam and public life in Africa, and contemporary intellectual trends in modern Islam.

Prof Tayob obtained his doctoral degree in 1989 from Temple University in the United States. He has worked and published on Islam in South Africa, Africa and modern Islam in general. His teaching experience includes Cape Town, Charlottesville (Virginia, USA), Bayreuth, Hamburg and Cologne (Germany), and Nijmegen and Leiden (the Netherlands).

Holder of NRF Chair Islam, African Publics, and Religious Values

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Current Research:

1. Religion Education in South Africa

I am turning my attention to how religion is taught in public life. Building on my work on Islam in public life in Africa, this project will examine the role of Religion Studies as part of Life Orientation (LO) and Religious Studies as a free-standing subject in South African schools. The project will examine the role and value of religion education in South African schools that has replaced former Biblical Studies curriculum.

2. Modern Islam

I continue to do cutting edge work on how to approach the study of Islam in the modern world. My main preoccupation is how the link the present and the past, what categories we use to interpret the present. I am offering alternative categories drawn from the intellectual history of Islam.

3. Biographies of religious engagement

The third area of research is a focus on the personal dimension of religious revival and activism. Taking a biographical approach, I ask what motivates people to join religious revival groups? How do they choose and stay within a group. These questions are posed to Muslim activists in South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria, and to Muslims and Christians in East Africa.


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Current Research Projects

Comparative study of Muslim Publics in public spheres of Africa. My hypothesis is that Muslim Publics traced a particularly unique trajectory in the contemporary history of Islam in Africa. In general, Muslim institutions, movements and actors have inscribed distinctive publics in non-political spheres. Expanding on my work in South Africa, I have completed research trips in Kenya (2003); Ghana (2004); Zanzibar (2005); and Nigeria (2006). Presently working expanding research in East Africa, with a particular focus on religious leadership in post-Cold War period. Writing a review essay on Islam in Africa.

Modern Islamic thought. Using religion as a lens and conceptual framework, this project traces the contours of a major shift in thinking about Islam in the modern world. I am working on a major book with Hurst for publication in 2009.

Islamic Education. A study of Islamic education in South Africa, their implication for democratization and globalization.

Selected Publications

2014. Back to the roots, the origins and the beginning: reflections on revival (tajdīd) in Islamic discourse. Temenos vol. 50, no. 2: 257-71.

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