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Research: Ethics Clearance

Guide to Research Ethics: Research on Human Subjects

Whether you are a staff member, a graduate student, or an external researcher affiliated with or linked to UCT in any way – you will need to get clearance from the Research Ethics Committee (REC) of your department or research grouping in order to pursue any research involving human subjects. The Ethics Clearance Form needs to be accepted by the REC before any interviews are conducted.

A new guidebook has been developed by the Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Humanities of 2006 for use by all departments, research institutes, other academic units, research teams or groups, or individual researchers within the Faculty. It applies to the research of both students and staff.


Guide to Research Ethics: Research on Human Subjects

Ethics Processes in the Religious Studies department

Ethics Clearance Request

Department Proposal Approval form

Faculty Proposal Approval form 

Ethics Workflow (Other researchers)

Ethics Workflow (Student researchers)

Fieldwork checklist

Human Participants checklist

HUM Faculty Ethics Guidebook

Rel Ethics - Sample of consent form

Rel Ethics information sheet