Conference Proceedings

The organisation of materials in the Conference Proceedings does not follow a chronological order. That is, the materials are not ordered in terms of their actual sequence in the series of events which made up the ME99. Instead, contributions are gathered under particular headings which link their subject matter in a way which we believe may be of most value for the reader. The original order of the contributions may be ascertained from the programme, available here .

In order to avoid the kind of confusion that may result from this procedure where particular pieces were presented in a different order at the ME99, editorial comments are attached to some of the contributions, as necessary, in order to help the reader ‘contextualise’ them. Page numbers for the printed version of the Proceedings are specified within the text.

Introduction * Setting the Scene * Role & Status of Religion * Religious Communities & Government
Moral Leadership & Cultural Values * Religion & Political Economy * Selected Ethical Issues * Closing

I. Setting the Scene
II. The Role and Status of Religion
III. Religious Communities & Government
IV. Moral Leadership & Cultural Values
V. Religion & Political Economy
VI. Selected Ethical Issues