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The Centre for Contemporary Islam (CCI)

Centre for Contemporary Islam (CCI)

The CCI is located in the Department of Religious Studies, Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus.

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The CCI was founded in 1995 to bring attention to the scholarly study of Islam and Muslim societies and communities. It engages in a number of research projects, often in collaboration with other African and international scholars. Currently, the projects are: Muslim Scholars in the History of the Lake Chad Area; Islam and Public Life in Africa; South African Muslim Women: Sexuality, Marriage and Reproductive Choices; Theorizing Experience Subjectivity and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam; Biographies of Religious Engagement. The first is led by Dr Andrea Brigaglia; the second and fifth by Professor Abdulkader Tayob, and the third and fourth by Associate Professor Sa’diyya Shaikh. The projects are directed to a sustained study of Islam, values and historical change.

Through its projects, the CCI provides a place for researchers to share ideas and develop insights on Islam and Muslim societies. It creates a space where students are inspired and supported to embark upon a systematic study and reflection on issues of great interest to scholars and the general public. Scholarships at graduate level are available on a regular basis.

The CCI has both regular and occasional publications. The Journal for Islamic Studies is an annual peer-reviewed publication accredited by the Department of Education (South Africa), and ARIA - Annual Review of Islam in Africa provides a forum for young and established researchers to publish their findings in an accessible format.

Associated Academic Staff at UCT:

Dr W Amien (Faculty of Law)

Associate Professor S Jeppie (HUMA)

Associate Professor S Shaikh (Religious Studies)


Associated Academic Staff not at UCT:

Dr M Haron (University of Botswana)

Professor E Moosa (Duke University, USA)

Dr A Brigaglia (UniOr University, Italy)