Alumni Publications


Getman, Eliza Jane (M.A.) Analysing transition narratives: Christian leaders in public life in post-apartheid South Africa. Anglican minister and chaplain.

Mathee, Mohamed Shaid (M.Soc.Sc.) A critical reading of Fazlur Rahman’s Islamic methodology in history: the case of the living Sunnah

Ramalefane, Thotoane Rosalia (M.Soc.Sc.) Culture and religion constrain women in the academic sphere: the case of Lesotho

Steiner, Robert (Ph.D.) From phraseology to reality: a "theological geography": Bonhoeffer’s early travels and the notion of the boundary. Minister of the Rondebosch United Church (United Congregational Church of Southern Africa).

Taylor, Birgit (M.A.) Outrageous women: a comparison of five passages within the canonical passion and empty tomb narratives emphasising the role of women. Ex-Senior Tutor, Admin Assistant in Religious Studies, UCT; Doctoral candidate in Religious Studies, UCT.