Alumni Publications


Davy, Kevin (M.Soc.Sc.) The role of coloured Church leaders in the anti-apartheid struggle: 16 June 1976-16 June 1986.

Holness, Lyn (Ph.D.) Christology from within: a critical retrieval of the humanity of Christ, with particular reference to the role of Mary. Executive Offices & Administrative Support Departments. Senior coordinator for Research Development.

Imhanwa, Jude Onos (M.Soc.Sc.) Religious Ethics, capital punishment and reconciliation in a new South Africa.

Makhasane, Charles Tsepo (M.Soc.Sc.) The foundation of human rights according to Roman Catholic church natural law in comparison with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter.

Masondo, Sibusiso (Ph.D.) Conversion, crisis, and growth: the religious management of change within the St John’s Apostolic Faith Mission and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Cape Town. Lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town.

Minnaar, Clinton (M.Soc.Sc.) The approach of the traditionalist school to the epistemological and ecumenical concerns of the mystical experience debate. Copy Editor at World Wisdom books.

O’Donnell, Neal (M.A.) Sexuality, cakras, and “raising consciousness”: synthesising a Western psychology and an Eastern philosophy.

Silungwe, Samuel (M.Soc.Sc.) Confronting poverty and impoverishment: the challenges. A comparative study of some church responses in South Africa and Zambia.Minister in the United Church of Zambia.