Alumni Publications


Dexter, Phillip (M.Phil.) National and religious identities: an interpretation of Regis Debray’s "Critique of political reason". Political activist and entrepreneur.

Djordjevic, Djordje (M. Phil) Kant’s Epistemological geography: the role of Schwärmerei and demarcation in the conception of critical philosophy.
Researcher in the International Centre for Transitional Justice.

Ehlert, Beate Alida Anna (M.A.) "Dit is baie mooi in die kerk": experiences of work and religion among farm workers on selected farms in the Western Cape.

Hendricks, Basil John (M.Soc.Sc) The notion of reconciliation as part of the emerging coloured identity.

Kenan, John Sarauta (M.A.) The worship of God in African traditional religion: a Nigerian perspective.

Kgari, Maserole Christina (M.A.) From religious discrimination to religious tolerance: an analysis of illness and healing in African religion and Christianity. Dr/Apostle-Bishop Maserole Christina Kgari-Masondo is the Founder and Director of The People of God Christian Ministries International.

Madlala, Mbusiswa Hezekiah (M.A.) Heavenly conversation in cosmic language.

Malebe, George Nzimbeni (M.A.) Restoration of land: towards a biblical jubilee in South Africa.

Savage, James Peter Tyrone (M.Soc.Sc.) The ambiguity of God: a post-colonial inquiry into the politics of theistic formulation in South Africa. Researcher in the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation (IJR).

Tobler, Judith (Ph.D.) Gendered signs of the sacred: contested images of the mother in psychoanalysis, feminism, and Hindu myth. Retired lecturer, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town.