Alumni Publications


Boesak, Willem Andreas (Ph.D.) God’s wrathful children: toward an ethic of vengeance, retribution, and renewal for a post-apartheid nation. Published thesis in 1995.

Henkeman, Stanley (M.A.) Religious education in South Africa: Reflections on past, present and possible future curriculum practice. Operation HOPE South African Programme Manager.

Lubitch, Ronen (M.A.) Dialektikah verharmoniyah betefisot hahistoryah vehameshihyut shel ha-Rav Kook (Dialectics and harmony in the concepts of history and messianism of Rav Kook). Rabbi of Nir Etzion and lecturer at Sha’anan Religious Teachers College and at the Hebrew University.

Mann, Henry McDonald (M.A.) Patterns of human awareness and action: an interpretation of Gandhi’s world view in comparative perspective.

Nogwina, E. M. (M.A.) The theme of tribulation as a literary strategy of an alternative self-definition in the book of revelation: A socio-linguistic perspective. Academic, Department of Philosophy, Walter Sisulu University.