Alumni Publications


De Wet, Christiaan Rudolf (Ph.D.) The Apostolic Faith Mission in Africa, 1908-1980: a case study in church growth in a segregated society. Ordained pastor; co-founder and CEO International of AFMIN (Africa Ministries Network).

Grassow, Peter S (M.A.) John Wesley and revolution. Ordained Minister in the Methodist Church; Head of Department: Church History and seminary Chaplain at the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in Pietermaritzburg.

Moosa, Ebrahim (M.A.) Application of Muslim personal and family law in South Africa: law, ideology and socio-political implications. Professor of Religion and Islamic Studies in the Department of Religion at Duke University .

Moosagie, Mohammed Allie (M.A.) Islamic law and social change: a legal perspective.
Linked to the Academy of Islamic Research

Van der Water, Desmond P (M.A.) Towards a Eucharistic theology and practice for the South African context: a re-appraisal of Reformed Eucharistic theology from the perspective of the Eucharist in Catholic liberation theology. General Secretary of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa and CWM (Council for World Mission), ordained minister.

Winkler, Harald E (M.A.) The divided roots of Lutheranism in South Africa: a critical overview of the social history of the German-speaking Lutheran missions and the churches originating from their work in South Africa. Associate Professor at the Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town.