Alumni Publications


Guttler, Michele (M.A.) Towards a feminist hermeneutic of Mark 7:24-30.

Kasenene, Peter (Ph.D.) Ecumenical progress in Swaziland, 1980-1982. Minister of Privatisation, Government of Uganda.

Klaaren, Jonathan (M.A.) A contextual history of Christian institutional involvement in legal assistance to the victims of apartheid, 1960-1982. A newly elected member of SERI's Board of Directors. He is Head of the School of Law and Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, (Wits), editor of South African Journal on Human Rights, advocate in the High Court; former Director of the Mandela Institute (mid-2005 to end-2007)and the former co-Director of the School of Law's Winter Law School (2007-2009), and founding member of WISER.

Lapoorta, J. J (M.A.) Black theology: a quest for a true humanity in South Africa.Chairperson of Sarepta, The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Theological College.

Lindhorst, Alan M (M.A.) The nature of Episcopal authority in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa: (with special reference to the Constitution and Canons, recent Commissions on Episcopacy and the Metropolitan, and the Third Draft of the Plan of Union): a contribution to the church union debate

Lund, Christopher (M.A.) A critical examination of Evangelicalism in South Africa, with special reference to the Evangelical Witness document and concerned evangelicals

Roos, Beverly (M.A.) Women and the Word: issues of power, control and language in social and religious life. Journalist.

Shapcott, Moira (M.A.) The Southern snake-handling cult of the U.S.A

Stalson, Lynn A (M.A.) Romanticism and the religious imperative: a study of the imagination as the common grammar of literature and religion
Teacher, King David High School Linksfield

Swart-Russell, Phoebe (Ph.D.) The ordination of women to priesthood: a critical examination of the debate within the Anglican communion, 1961-1986

Wanamaker, Pamela (M.A.) “One nation under God”: the pledge of allegiance as a ritual practice in American civil religion. Teacher.