Alumni Publications


Bookholane, Lehlohonolo J (M.A.) The Old Testament Babylonian exile: a socio-political study. Research for the Institute for Contextual Theology; minister in the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa.

Brews, Alan S (M.A.) A critical evaluation of the concept of the revolution of God in the theology of Karl Barth. MD at StratAlign; coordinated training of monitors in the IEC for the 1994 elections; coordinated the recruitment and training of commissioners in the establishment phase of the CCMA; Methodist Minister.

Crowder, Roy B (M.A.) Towards a theology of story: an experiment in contextual theology
Clergy (Methodist Church), partnership coordinator in the Connexional Team of the BritishMethodist Church, London.

Damsell, Wilfred Ernest (M.A.) The Christian eschatological epistemology of Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758.

England, Frank (M.A.) Symbolic warfare: the battle for the ownership of symbols in an Anglican community. Post-doctoral research fellow at Stellenbosch University.

Forrest, Martin R. (M.A.) Christology from below: an examination of the black Christology of Takatso Mofokeng in the context of the development of black theology in South Africa and in critical relation to the Christological ethic of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Clergy, Church of Scotland.

Germond, Paul Andre (M.A.) The rural-urban dialectic in pre-monarchic Israel: Israel vis a vis the Canaanites and the Philistines, ca 1200 to 1020 B.C.E. Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology Wits University, and member of IRHAP and Anglican priest.

Kokoali, Christian Tumelo (M.A.) Umgalelo and the failure of the church? : a study in voluntary associations in Mbekweni Paarl/C.T. Retired priest in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

Mosala, Itumeleng (Ph.D.) Biblical hermeneutics and black theology in South Africa.President of the Azanian People's Organization (AZAPO); Methodist minister; academic and social activist.

Rice, D.C. (M.A.) Islamic fundamentalism as a major religiopolitical movement, and its impact on South Africa. Novelist.

Shapiro, Ivor (M.A.) The Ethics of Homicide: a contextual critique of the sanctity-of-life principle with particular reference to abortion and revolutionary violence. Associate Professor teaching ethics and feature reporting and conducting research into aspects of ethics and excellence in journalism.

Taylor, Nicholas Hugh (M.A.) The divine agent in Intertestamental Judaism: the origins of the concept in the Hebrew tradition and its application in the figures of the “Son of Man” in the Similitudes of Enoch and the “Logos” in the writings of Philo of Alexandria.Former Kings College, London (New Testament Studies), Rector of a Scottish Episcopalian church; and a Tutor and New Testament Subject Co-ordinator for the Theological Institute of the Scottish Episcopalian Church (TISEC); also Research Fellow in Theology and Religion at the University of Zululand .

Tisane, Ezra Vuyisile (M.A.) Nxele and Ntsikana: a critical study of the religious outlooks of two nineteenth century Xhosa Prophets and their consequences for Xhosa Christian practice in the Eastern Cape. Retired Priest in the Anglican Church of  Southern Africa.