Alumni Publications


De Gruchy, Steve (M.A.) Towards a reformed-liberation biblical hermeneutic with a particular focus on Karl Barth’s view of scripture and its interpretation. Professor and Academic and Higher Degrees coordinator, School of Religion and Theology, University of KwaZulu-Natal; key member of IRHAP (Deceased 2012).

Flegg, Asher Arthur (Ph.D.) Metaphysical issues in Halakic process.

Kruss, Glenda (M.A.) Religion, class and culture: indigenous churches in South Africa, with special reference to Zionist-Apostolics. Research Director in the Education and Skills Development research programme (Dr Kruss-Van Der Heever)

O’Leary, Stephen John (Ph.D.) Nature and grace: resources for a theology of grace in the theology of Gregory Palamas, Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther. Lawyer and Director of an Attorneys Firm.

Petersen, Robin M (M.A.) An analysis of the nature and basis of Karl Barth’s socialism 
CEO of SAFA (South Africa Football Association); CEO at Business Revolution Group; CEO at Premier Soccer League.

Stephenson, Mark Hovden (M.A.) African music in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa: a case study in the Western Cape. Reverend, Mowbray Methodist church; Director of Salty Print.

Thompson, Mary- Anne Carey (M.A.) Future tense: an analysis of science fiction as secular apocalyptic literature. Formerly in Administration at the University of Cape Town.

Titus, Stephanus Jacobus (M.A.) Christianity and the state in the first century
President of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, Namibia; Lecturer at the University of Namibia (Theology).