Alumni Publications


Dunstan, Jocylen Mary (M.A.) Religious themes in the theatre of the absurd: an examination of the plays of Samuel Beckett and a comparison with Paul Tillich’s ontology.
In the theatre industry.

Herczl, Moshe Y (Ph.D.) The struggle of man, religious and social, as central motif in the writings of S. Y. Agnon. Former Deputy Director of the Education Department of Netanya Municipality in Israel. Former Director of the Cape Board of Jewish Education, Cape Town, as well as author. Passed away in Israel 1990.

Hexam, Irving (Ph.D.) Totalitarian Calvinism: the Reformed (Dopper) community in South Africa, 1902-1919. Academic, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary.

Hodgson, Janet (M.A.) A history of Zonnebloem College, 1858-1870: a study of church and society. Academic Researcher, former lecturer Religious Studies, University of Cape Town.