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Postgraduate Registration Process

The 2021 registration will take place ONLINE from 15 February – 11 March 2021 for new and returning students.

The University of Cape Town has adopted a policy of having a ‘low density’ campus for the first semester of 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. This means that registration cannot take place on campus as usual.

Registration will formally commence on the 15th of February 2021 and you will be required to register remotely via Peoplesoft. Different categories of students will be using different ways to register remotely, and it is therefore important to review the registration plan and consult with the Faculty Office to determine which form of registration will apply to you specifically.

For further details regarding the dates and procedures for online registration, it is vitally important to follow the detailed Postgraduate registration schedule and documents attached:

Registration Notice to students - this document outlines the step-by-step online process for each PG programme

Registration Schedule 


Curriculum advice and departmental approval of your registration documents need to be done before you are able to commence with the online registration and can be done as follows:

Socially distant Postgraduate curriculum advice will be provided via email and/or online meetings with prior arrangements.

  • Curriculum advice in the Department of Religious Studies will be provided by the Programme Convenor, Dr Louis Blond via email:
  • For curriculum advice you may start to liaise with the department as follows:
    • PG students on our taught courses should email Dr Louis Blond ( directly with questions or to arrange an online meeting from 1st – 26th February 2021.
    • Students need to provide Dr Blond with all necessary documentation when contacting him for advice e.g. student records, degrees, cv, acceptance letter etc.
  • For Signatures, Dr Louis Blond will be available for a signature by email from 23-26 February 2021, between 10.00am - 04.00pm. He won’t respond to overnight emails until the following day, so deadline for feedback is end of working day on the 26th of February 2021.


While we can be flexible with anybody having difficulty, it must be noted that the registration deadline to request curriculum advice and signed forms is 8th March 2021 so that students have what is required and can register by the Faculty deadline of 11 March 2021.


REL 2021 Postgraduate Programmes and Course Details:

You will be required to register for your specific programmes (Honours, Masters by coursework, Research Masters and PhD).

The Honours and Coursework Masters students will also be required to register for a set of courses to fulfil your programme requirements.

For details of the programmes and courses on offer in 2021, please refer to the attached documents:

Postgraduate Courses

PG REL Handbook 


Department Contact Details: