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Postgraduate courses in Religious Studies

In any given year the Department of Religious Studies offers a number of courses, although the precise content and range depend on student interest and uptake. Below are the potential course offerings for the REL Postgraduate Programme, depending on staff preferences. Whilst provisional, they should give a good indication of what is on offer.


Postgraduate Courses (2021)

Honours Courses

*4 courses plus research project (REL4011H)

Masters Courses

*Masters by Coursework:

  • 1st year (4 courses) and
  • 2nd year Minor Dissertation (REL5003W)

*Research Masters:

  • Dissertation only (REL5000W)

PhD Courses

*Dissertation only (REL6000W)

Research / Dissertation Courses

REL4011H: Research Project/Essay

REL5003W (Minor Dissertation) REL5000W (Research Masters)

REL6000W (PhD in Religious Studies)

Lecture Courses

Honours Courses

Masters Courses


  1. REL4010F: Critical Terms 1 (compulsory)
  2. REL4012S: Critical Terms in Religious Studies 2 (compulsory)
  3. REL4110F: African Religious Movements
  4. REL4113F: Issues in Contemporary Jewish Thought
  5. REL4046S: Buddhism
  6. REL4091S: Explorations in Islam
  1. REL5117F: Critical Terms in Religious Studies1 (compulsory)
  2. REL5118S: Critical Terms in Religious Studies 2 (compulsory)
  3. REL5110F: African Religious Movements

7. REL5113F: Issues in Contemporary Jewish Thought

  1. REL5114S: Buddhism
  2. REL5091S: Explorations in Islam