Online Seminar: Ethics and Islamic Intellectual Traditions (Prof M. Sani Umar)

21 Jun 2021 - 10:45

Professor M Sani Umar

He is  a professor in the Department of History of Ahmadu  Bello University, Zaria (Nigeria). Prof Umar is the author, among  other works, of Islam and Colonialism: The Intellectual Responses  of Muslims of Northern Nigeria


Jihadism’s: Discourses and Counter-Discourses


In classical Islamic thought, Jihad is conceived not only as warfare, but also as a moral and spiritual struggle that i not concerned with military campaigns. And even when jihad is discussed as warfare, it is subjected to strict rules and regulations. But in modern times, conceptions of jihad have departed from the classical conceptions. Beginning from Muslims’ resistance against colonial conquest and domination since the nineteenth century, jihad has come to be understood as a war that can be waged without regards to rules and regulations stipulated in classical Islam, leading to what has been termed as jihadism. This lecture will examine the changing conceptions of jihad in modern times, and the criticisms the new conceptions have attracted from different Muslim intellectuals. 


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